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Both Nicholas Carr and Clay Shirky make interesting points about how the internet and media affect the nature of how we think. While the majority of all three articles focus on this central argument I took a particular interest in the references to "War and Peace", the novel that Carr had initially brought up in his article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?". Carr used the example of Bruce Freidman, a former member of the faculty at the University of Michigan, as admitting to losing his ability to read through long novels such as War and Peace. He has a tendency to skim through such novels and finds himself being unable to retain any of the information he is reading. Do you think the internet is responsible for altering our ability to read through long texts because of the way we gather our information via the web? Do you think Carr's claims about the internet changing the way our brains work is true, more specifically, do you think the internet has changed the way you think?

-Ally Unger

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