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In the article "Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading?", Rich brings up the idea that "the web is more about a conversation, books are more one-way". Do you aree with this statement? DO you think that reading a vast array of articles on the internet is more enriching than reading a book that is more one-sided?
Rich also raises the question if students should be taught how to use the web. Do you think that web skills should be required for adolescents in school, or do you think they are unnecessary?
In his article "Defining Media Literacy" James Potter discusses the idea that we need to have "strong knowledge structures" about the real world (factual information and social information), in order to analyze media effectively. Do you agree with this statement? Do you think that you are able to analyze different forms of media just as effectively without real world experience in that particular area in which you are analyzing?

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