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I thought that this article was pretty good at representing both sides of the argument whether the Internet is hurting or helping us in regards to reading. I'm torn and unsure where I fall between the sides. On one hand, I've experienced the lack of concentration that Carr talked about in our previous article but I can totally see why kids nowadays (like the one in the article) would rather read on the Internet because it's quicker and more interactive.

Also, it helps you to read and process different information quicker and more effectively. It's great too to think that if you're on the Internet, it pretty much means that you're reading. Whether it's Facebook, ESPN, Amazon, or just emailing, you have to read in order to complete these tasks. One thing that I'm concerned about though is that there's not a lot of research that has been done about the short and long term effects on us. There's some but not enough to truly understand if things like Google and smart phones lead to increased ADD or what kind of effect on our eyes does staring at a computer screen for hours produce? Hopefully we aren't in such a rush to experience the new technology that we neglect what kind of world we're creating for us and the next generation.

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