Discussion Question on Chapter 28

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I thought Chapter 28 had a lot of good arguments about the dangers of anti-porn politics. The most compelling argument that I thought Gayle Rubin made was the fact that Anti-porn activism is taking away from more important forms of activism that women could be taking towards equal rights such as job discrimination, unequal pay, sexual violence and harassment. An example that Gayle Rubin used, was Andrea Dworkin's statement that porn is at the heart of female condition and that it truly defines who women are and how they are treated. Rubin then goes on to explain that claims against porn brought about by anti-porn activists such as Andrea Dworkin, are both misdirected and ineffective. Do you agree that anti-porn activism is actually more detrimental and misdirecting in the effort of women's rights, or do you think it is a necessary step towards equality for women?

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