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After reading "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" I had a question in mind to ask, or maybe just a topic to bring up in class? But there was the theme throughout the article about how we don't really "learn" and "contemplate" from the things we read on the internet. I was talking to my mom about college when she was her age, and she was able to recall information right then and there about papers, speeches, so many things she did. I can't even remember what I wrote about Freshmen year! I then realized, my mom didn't have the internet, she used the library. She did about one or two papers and big projects a semester... Was it easier than what we do? No, but there is no way she could have done what we do without the internet. So, do you think colleges would be better off making its student do all writings and research very detailed and COULD they make us do it on things only found in books? Would that make us smarter? It's just something to think about, and is really brought up when Carr talks about Plato's Phaedrus. Is the world really getting smarter? Or are we just good at pretending for the short length of time spent on multiple papers and exams?

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