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On page 124, in the right hand column. Butsch says, "This decline of broadcast network hegemony began to influence sitcoms. The networks even began to fear that people might not only leave the networks, but desert television altogether for other entertainments, especially the young turning to the Internet." The article talks a lot about why networks make certain decisions. Like I talked about in my blog, the decisions are based on what they can do with time constraints & without risking their jobs. However, I like how this links back to the articles we have previously read about how much we use the internet. Do you think that some networks will disappear in the future because of our time spent online? Do you think that changes in the stereotypes for sitcoms or changes to anything will make us get off our computers and back on the couch? .... That sounds terrible. Maybe we should all just go outside for a whole day and get some fresh air.

This article also brings up another question for me. So far, we have read articles about discrimination in:

Women, men, blacks, gays, etc.

Does anyone feel like fighting against discrimination in any field is already a battle lost? Is there ANY possible way to come up with a solution? Or are we going to be listening to our kids on the phone some day, describing learning the same things we are right now?

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