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In general, I thought these articles were pretty ridiculous and funny. I particularly liked the back-and-forth comments about Carr being a Luddite. I'm curious to see if anyone has witnessed or noticed any other evidence of Luddism in their personal lives in relation to other types of media (newspapers, blogs, music, etc.). I know for me, my parents have a tendency to act a bit this way (they think their music/movies/tv was the best, but they always say they're "okay" with change). Also what are your opinions on Shirky's opinion of Luddism? Here is a quote from Shirky explaining how he feels about Luddites:

"Luddism is a social version of that, where people are encouraged to believe that change is inevitable, except, perhaps, this time. This wish for stasis is bad for society, though not because it succeeds. The essential fact of Luddite complaint is that it only begins after a change has already taken place, so Luddites are mainly harmless whiners (except, of course, for the original Luddites, who were murderous thugs.) The real problem is elsewhere; Luddism is bad for society because it misdirects people's energy and wastes their time."
-Shirkey, Clay: "Why Abundance is Good: A Reply to Nick Carr"

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