DQ on Literacy debate: Online, r u really reading?

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As I read this article it made me think about the google article as well. Like Zachary Simms the interviewed teenager, I also do feel that the web is more for like "conversation" and reading is more of one way. So as they say that digital literacy (may..) become a school subject, it is always helpful in someway, we can get that 400 page book summarized on a page, but at the same time we can use it in moderation. So my question here is would you ever sign up for a digital literacy class, if offered? and in what way is it specifically different. I mean you can "read between the lines" in an ink printed book but you can do the same for reading on the web. There are many pros to technological advancements and we always complain that it has taken away some aspects of life, however would we ever go back to the days where reading online never existed? I don't think so.

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