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By Ashley Stopperan

I wanted to focus this week's post back on what we discussed in class. After breaking down how Stuart Hall speaks to the audience in his article, I have a better understanding of what he is trying to say. I personally agree with him because there are so many outside factors that affect how we perceive or encode a message, especially with the various forms of media today. As an advertising major, I understand that getting the message to the audience is not only important but it is very difficult, which relates back to what Hall discusses.

From an advertising point of view, messages need to be delivered a certain way in order for them to be understood a certain way (the context, the form of media, the marketing message and the portrayed brand image). However, there are obviously factors that can not be controlled in the encoding process such as the audience's culture, background and personality.

I definitely enjoyed learning from Hall's point of view because it put a different spin on how I see communication through the media. Sometimes as decoders we have to dig deeper and understand the psychology of the audience and see things from their point of view in order for the message to be encoded properly.

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