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I don't know about you guys, but I thought the author of this book was particularly extreme in her wording. I did agree with most of it, but she used a lot of "always" and "definitely" and "never" type words. I understand that this helps her sound persuasive, but I think those extreme words are rarely true or useful.

An example is on page 103 of the book when she is talking about the Teddy Grahams commercial and how it relates to race:
"This commercial exemplifies many of the rules which seem to govern the representation of children of color in Saturday morning commercials. First, they are always outnumbered by whites."

It's not to say that I don't see the validity in most of her claims, but this author becomes a little less credible in my mind when she makes generalizations.

Nevertheless, I appreciate her objective view of everything related to pornography. She stays very open in explaining why some people are against it and why some of their claims may be out of context. I don't know if my mind is changed, but I definitely view magazines like Playboy and Penthouse a little differently.

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