GenderRaceClass DQ's for 9/26

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I guess I've never thought of pornography as a women's advocacy issue. I've always just thought that those women were gross and had no dignity, but not making a statement for all women.

I'm curious to see how other women in our class feel about it. Do you think pornography is a statement for all women saying that we are submissive and abused? Were your views on this issue changed after reading these chapters?

Also, for the guys in our class, do you think men view pornography as a statement that all women should be like that? I'm not asking if you think that specifically. I'm asking if you think that over time pornography has changed the way men see women in our society?

One more thing, does anyone else think that this author generalizes a lot (I wrote about this in my blog entry)? Particularly in the first chapter about race in commercials. Let me know!

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