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The article, "Holy Commodity Fetish Batman" brings to light as to why and how the branding of blockbusters movies all started. The article also points out the ways in which movies are promoted and sensationalized even before they hit theaters. Through promotion and branding of blockbusters such as Batman movie production companies such as WCI, are able to control the level of success a movie could potential receive. Production companies have even become even more cleaver and found that if they limit their major releases to twice a year and limit the amount of films that will compete against each other then they will make more profits based on opening weekends.

To be honest, when I was younger I easily bought into craze of the newest movie coming out. I dragged my parents to McDonalds to get my favorite character in the movie that I just saw. I also had to own the soundtrack to all my favorite movies; Free Willy, Lion King, Pocahontas etc. But when became I much older the advertisements and promotions had a less of an effect on me. Although I know the techniques have progressively become more clever I just can't find myself buying into the whole commodity that is blockbuster movies. However, this is not the case for many other people who have fallen into the spell of the sensation. Since 1989 the growing trend of bringing graphic novels to life on the big screen has reached its pinnacle. Graphic novels such as the Avengers, Spiderman, and the latest installments of the Batman saga have rocked the blockbuster charts for over a decade.

Will there ever be an end to the commodity that is Batman, or have productions companies such as WCI, found the golden ticket to movie promotion success? Even without doing well at the box office, movies today still have plenty of opportunities for people to buy into the brand way before a film's release, sometimes with promotion starting at least a year in advance. Even if the film then tanks the movie companies have still made a significant profit off of the anticipation.

It truly amazes me that movies such as Batman have become such a iconic brand in our pop culture. Whether it's good timing on the part of movie production companies or societies need for an escape from reality, movies have replaced more conventional means of media as a means for an escape. And although books have become popularized again, this is due in large part to internet forums and discussions, they don't stand a chance in toping sales at the box office. And what I find truly astounding are people who now have a mentality that there is no need to read a book with the idea that it will become a movie sometime in the near future.

DQ: With all of the above considered, is it to our advantage that we buy into the commodity that is the film industry, or is it cheapening the sophistication of these literary novels which were once intended to be?

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