Holy Commodity Fetish, Batman! DIscussion Question

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After reading the article of how this creature/superhero/logo we can all picture in our minds makes me think about what is followed in this same fashion today. Just as WCI spent millions of dollars to start this "batman" legacy, I'm sure they made billions in exchange. Till this day almost everyone can think of at least one thing that relates to batman. Today our marketing/ advertising companies too use different methods to relay accross one product, which is totally different now, also these days we have led to free advertising. The examples are instead of people buying batman sweaters, and putting ad's on batman websites, these days there are free sweatshirts with brands printed on them (great example- TCF Bank) which is a hidden advertisements, people giving away their pens with logos on them, people using free websites such as facebook and twitter to promote their company. I mean these days we accept so many free things when really we're walking billboards in exchange. My questions are, to what extent does a company need to hand out "free" things in place of their advertisements, I mean we all know batman too well, there are no free things needed for that. (yet if there was a free batman t shirt handout at a screening with a mile long line, I am sure we'd pick that over the free pens and frisbees with the logo of an unknown company) And to what extent do these free things actually assist the marketing? I mean have you really followed someone in a company t-shirt just to grab the phone number to call them later about their products/services? I have never..

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