"Holy Commodity Fetish, Batman!" plus DQ

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Although I know that I am one of the few people of my generation who isn't completely obsessed with the Batman movies, I was definitely intrigued while reading this article. I find it so interesting to really pick apart the way that a brilliant company such as WCI put on their thinking caps and were able to capitalize on a movie in such a large number of ways. For people to come together, look at a film about a superhero, and brainstorm ideas on how to really milk this movie for all it's worth is amazing, and when I sit down and think about it now, this has been going on for much of my generation, however, I have never thought to really think of how amazing it is that truly is to branch out as far as they did. From plastic children's dinner plates, to the legendary artist Prince and the "Batdance" song, Batman was truly sensational in all areas.

DQ: If Batman were just being created today, arriving in theaters in 2013, what are some of the new, most extreme things that you could imagine a company such as the WCI investing their money in solely to create the biggest bang possible for the new movie?

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