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How Gays Stay White
Discussion Question:

I would also like to comment on the section about comparing the civil rights movement to the gay rights movement. The section that I'd like to discuss, in particular, begins on page 244 of Berube's article. In this section, I found it extremely interesting that Berube calls out the irony of policy-makers trying to compare these two movements as separate events in history that never crossed paths but had similarities/differences worth noting. Berube calls attention to the fact that there were, in fact, many gay civil rights activists that were fighting for all of their rights, not just racial ones. Also, the civil rights movement (that is historically focused on race) actually morphed into a larger movement (but not a separate movement) focused also on gay rights.

My discussion question about this topic is if anyone agrees with Berube that these two movements are, in fact, the same movement that has just evolved over time. Or do you believe they are separate enough to compare as separate events? Also, piggy-backing off of the first discussion question, if you do believe they are separate and comparable, why? How? Or why not?

-Laura Smith

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