Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?

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By Ashley Stopperan

I really enjoyed this article because I can fully relate to it. I am not much of a reader and I certainly choose the internet over a book. My passion for being on the web, like Nadia, has led me to the career path that I am most interested in: writing for the web. Yes, I agree with what Rich says about how the internet is affecting our focus and concentration. However, the way one has to write online versus in a book is much more fascinating to me because it takes strategy. Everything we read online is marketing itself because it needs to hold our attentions as long as possible.

I specifically related to Rich's quote, "In fact, some literacy experts say that online reading skills will help children fare better when they begin looking for digital-age jobs." This is extremely true because almost every company is using social media as a way to communicate with customers, and employers are looking for people who are skillful with this kind of communication. I believe that having internet skills in this era is far more important to getting a successful job than being a frequent reader.

Lastly, I fully agree with this quote in the text: "It takes a long time to read a 400-page book. In a tenth of the time, the Internet allows a reader to "cover a lot more of the topic from different points of view." As a frequent browser of the internet, I have found that I learn better and gain a better perspective on things when I have to the options to read from different authors or bloggers.

I overall thought Rich's article was powerful and did a good job tackling both perspectives of the literacy debate.

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