What are you going to do about it Mr. Carr?

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Nicholas Carr made some good points in "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" explaining how the internet has altered our concentration and cognition. Heck, I even found myself committing the very thing he explained in his article! So, I admit! I do skim articles and lengthy pieces then bookmark things and never go back to thoroughly read it. I even caught myself losing interest as I began to read Carr's article and realized how "long" it was.

However, at some point something inside me started to bubble: is Carr saying that we're all going to turn into fat, stupid machines just like the people in Wall-E? Are we all going to end up depending on these, what Carr calls it, "ARTIFICIAL intelligence," or simply put, computers? Is that my future? MY future?

Yes, weird revelation on my part, however doesn't it sound like he's saying we're all going to become idiots who must depend on machines? Is it a new era he's mentioning? Like the Industrial Revolution, are we headed into a Computer Revolution? (If that makes any sense?) Also, this is where I thought Carr may have gotten a bit, I don't know, extreme? Yes, skepticism is good (as he argued in his reply to Clay Shirky), however we mustn't forget that there are two sides to every argument (as Shriky attempted to explain in his article).

So, maybe Google is changing how we think, read and/or even our minds, but so is everything that we are exposed to in media. The point is, at some point the change already occurred so shouldn't we be looking into a way to make this change good for us? And perhaps we shouldn't be complaining about how stupid we are becoming because we lose interest in lengthy articles and books, but we must change with it.

What I mean is, if people are losing interest in books or articles (as Carr states), considering the amount of clutter out there, shouldn't we change how we write or present our materials so it will catch and keep the attention of our audience? There really is so much information available now, as Shirky mentioned, all of which are very similar in style and form, so maybe the problem is not that we are becoming stupider because we are not interested in all the "similar" things out there, but that we have yet to come across something spectacular that will again entice us in this cluttered, mass-information society.

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