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After reading the "Is Google Making Us Stupid" article I could only think of how we actually take it for granted. I don't think it is making us more stupid, but rather an easier way to find out information than before. Of course we may not retain it and keep it in our knowledge folder in our head unless significant to us, but easily educates us quickly. Nicholas Carr says that "My mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it." I do agree with him in the sense that we can only learn what Google decides to release to us.

I may fear that by the touch of a button we are fed information (either it be false or not) such as Carr does, but it does make our life a little easier. We can personally decide to use other methods, such as primary sources, personal interviews and history records to find any kind of information we may want. This leads me to think when we will be fully dependent on the media for even other things, Sure many digital things can be helpful, but there are many downsides to certain things. For example, the US loves facebook, its a great networking, social and communicating method but what if we never leave our houses to see those people's faces again. This article made me think about this idea.

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