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I think Butsch brings up a lot of useful and true discoveries in this article. I had never really thought about how sitcoms portray men, only women. Now that I think of it, women/moms are usually portrayed as smart and witty.

But here's what I've been wondering about: Do you guys think that its possible that producers are portraying working class men as buffoons in respect to the realization of women's rights? The author talks about how men were portrayed well until the 50s when women were beginning to be seen as intelligent equals to men in the media. And do you think this outbreak of women's rights cause producers to latch on to what viewers knew was true all along (women are smart) and cater to it? I don't mean to sound sexist, but I don't think the timing of these buffoon-centered sitcoms and the realization of women as intelligent people is a coincidence. What do you all think?

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