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There were a few points in this article that I found really... well, I liked the whole article.
1) "Date someone because you like them inside and out, not because a) you have a racial preference, or b) you think that dating out will end racism when you have little beige babies." -Um, she is hilarious. But on a serious note, I can't imagine dating someone solely based on the color of their skin. Let's look a little deeper into our partners, shall we?
2) This goes more with my discussion question, but I found the author's "3) Mixed Race Masquerading" really intriguing. Which is really all I have to say because I want the classes input, so,

Why do you think Alicia Keys and Drake both hide their "mixed roots" in the video? Do you think that they know the deeper meaning they are putting out there with the video? Also, does anyone know if it was Keys' idea to make the video this way? Hmmm...!

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