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In Laura Mulvey's article on the exotic portrayal of women and heroic portrayal of men, she typically references older Hollywood films to demonstrate/justify her argument. However, I still see such portrayals in modern Hollywood films: women are still objectified, specifically sexually, and men are still dominantly heroes "rescuing" her from this objectification...of course this "rescue" only changes her to become solely his.

Despite the growth society has undergone, it seems such sex-objectification of women cannot be overcome. Even in commercials we see only "sexy" women modeling as spokespeople for products. This points to a truth that society and people enjoy seeing/watching (as Mulvey puts it) beautiful people.

It is no wonder that the beauty industry in America makes tons of money each year...Mulvey's argument presents an explanation for such a success. That is that sex sells. It is perhaps for this reason that women and little girls grow up wanting to become beautiful and/or sexy. They purchase ridiculous products to make them more beautiful and are constantly staring at themselves in mirrors.

But unlike Mulvey's argument that the mirrored image of the self is an "alter-ego" of perfection of the self, I believe most women today believe the image in the mirror is a representation of their true self. Often, women are dissatisfied with what they see in the mirror--this is not biased to just women since there are plenty of men who probably feel this way as well. The mirror image has evolved into a self we wish to change and most likely can change with products such as foundation, eyeliner, circle-lenses and etcetera.

Which then leads me to my question, or rather a concern: how can we change this view of self into a positive view instead of a negative? Often people see a negative image of themselves in the mirror, do you think Hollywood is to blame with all the representations of what a "perfect" woman should be like? Is this representation, as Mulvey attempted to explain, harmful towards our youth since many, in my opinion, seem to grow up so fast (take Tiaras and Toddlers for example)?

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