10/16 Blog & Discussion Question: The Transgender Look

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While reading Judith Halberstam's "The Transgender Look" article, I thought to myself: I don't think I've ever seen a movie where there is a transgender character present, including the ones stated. Therefore, prior to this, I had never really thought about the transgender gaze; I've only thought of the male gaze more so.

Halberstam identifies the different treatments of the transgenderism that resolve these complex problems of temporality and visibility. The one I found most interesting was the second mode, which involves "embedding several ways of looking into one, the film deploys certain formal techniques to give the viewer access to the transgender gaze in order to allow us to look WITH the transgender character instead of AT him." I agree and understand Halberstam's point, but I think it's really difficult for an individual that isn't necessarily accustomed to the concept of the transgender itself and the gaze to look WITH the transgender character. Since I have never seen the movies Halberstam listed within the article, I thought I could relate to this article and tie it back to the Gay 90's, a gay bar/dance club. The Gay 90's hosts past and present "Drag Queen" nights every week, where transgender individuals are present. For an event live like such, I think it would be very hard to apply Halberstam's mode of looking WITH the transgender character instead of AT him. After all, the performing transgender is right in front of you, so you are looking right AT him/her.

My discussion question is: Do you think the second mode that Halberstam speaks about is easier to apply within films or in person, such as live events like the Gay 90's Drag Queen nights? How do you think viewers would react to transgender films in today's society if more were out there? How would you react yourself? Would it be a positive or negative reaction, or would you not really care?

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