10/16 DQ Transgendered Gaze?

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What exactly is considered a "transgendered gaze" or "male gaze" or even a "female gaze?" Mulvey's article kind of explained the "male gaze" as almost sexually objectifying women or taking on a "voyeuristic" form of women. I assume that is the key: the "gaze" is what view the audience gets to see from. Except Judith Halberstam says that many transgendered films, such as Boys Don't Cry still either utilize a "male gaze" or "female gaze" and not really a "transgender gaze" even though the film "hero" is a transgender. So, is simply manipulating the "view" to be from either a male/female/transgender considered either a "male/female/transgender gaze" or is there more to it than that? Is simply "seeing" from the view of the transgender character in a film considered the "transgender gaze?" Or would sexually objectifying or viewing somebody (typically a female) in a voyeuristic way, despite coming from a man or woman or transvestite/transgender, still considered a "male gaze" because of the characteristic of the gaze? (Recall, Mulvey's explanation of a "male gaze.")

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