10/24 Blog Entry: Ashley Judd

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Ashley Judd's article focuses on how a 'puffy' appearance sparked a viral media frenzy. There are many articles out there that speak about dehumanization in the media, especially towards women. However, Ashley Judd's article was very interesting to me because unlike many others, Judd put the audience in her shoes in really explaining how the media has treated her. She speaks about how she is painfully aware of the conversation about women's bodies, and how it frequently migrates to her own body. Another interesting aspect about Judd is how she has stuck up for herself, which not many celebrities do.

Furthermore, Judd raises a point about how it actually doesn't matter if we, as women are aging naturally, or resorting to surgical assistance. I completely agree with Judd in saying that there is no winning here as women. In today's society, you will be judged no matter what. It's quite sad that our bodies are a "source of speculation, ridicule and invalidation." However, this is something that I don't see changing anytime soon, especially with all of the alterations simply in photographs of celebrities, whether they are overly airbrushed or thinned out. Overall, Judd's article was excellent and right on target.

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