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Elana Levins brings up the question of feminism and the role(s) it plays in today's society through her exploration of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She brings up three forms of feminism: 1970s feminism, post-feminism [feminism], and third-wave feminism; as Levins explains, both post-feminist feminism and third-wave feminism are results of 1970s feminism. So, post-feminism takes up a position of feminism that thinks the goals of 1970s feminism has been achieved, thus a "collective activism" is no longer required but rather it now comes down to individual choices. Third-wave feminism on the other hand borrows from both "forms" or "genres" of feminism in that it takes the belief of collectivism in order to achieve its goals (1970s feminism) and the reliance of femininity of post-feminism. In this, Levins explains that third-wave feminism embraces the idea of contradiction as its main belief or mover.

So, I wonder which form I hold? According to Levins' explanations, I guess I would be categorized as a "third-wave feminist" since I do hold some feminist views (especially when it comes to work equality between men and women) but also still love being "feminine." I hold conflicting roles such as a traditional Hmong daughter--often suppressed by traditional expectations of daughters--and the role of an American [female] college student--able to freely express myself.

Levins explanation of Willow becoming physically and mentally more mature is also rather interesting. She explains that Willow becomes more physically attractive, but because she is a lesbian, this physical beauty is not for men, but for herself. This definition of "individualism" resonates post-feminism, and is yet another thing that I seem to resonate. Or at least, I have noticed this in many women of today. What I mean is that women of today seem to hold a view of beauty, or wanting to "look good" for themselves rather than for men. So, I wonder what this makes today's generation of women? Are we all "post-feminists" or "third-wave feminists or should we be defined as a new form of feminism as Levins predicted in her conclusion? What role does physical beauty play in feminism if it is not for "the self?"

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