10/29 Discussion Question: Buffy and the "New Girl Order"

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Although I never really watched the Buffy series while growing up, I found this article to be very interesting. I enjoy how Levine lays out her arguments and provides readers with very clear examples, even for those who haven't really watched the show like myself.

Levine's article looks at the differences between feminism and femininity. There were two very interesting points brought up in the article that caught my attention and are aimed towards my discussion question. The first quote was stated by Debbie Stroller, the editor for the third-wave 'zine BUS: "It's as clear to us as it is to RuPaul that fashion is a costume, that femininity is a masquerade..." Such third-wave thinking refuses to link conventional feminine frills such as nail polish, high heels and lipstick to some kind of "natural" femininity.

The second quote is stated by Levine: "Buffy is perhaps most distinctly an emblem of third-wave girlie style in the ways these traditional markers of girlish femininity are combined with those more frequently associated with the masculine."

My discussion question is: Do you believe Buffy's style is more so third-wave girlie, or stereotypically girlish, or do they equally balance each other out? In which ways?

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