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The article "class Dismissed? Roseanne and the Changing Face of Working-Class Iconography" was very interesting to me. Back in the day I used to watch Roseanne, well at least a little bit, I would always see it on TV back in the day and never was to interested in it. But after reading this article I see the significance of it and how it was a change in the working class image. In the article, Bettie stated that people could really relate to Roseanne and thats what was a big change. I feel like people could relate to male buffoons but in Roseanne it seems like people are more able to connect and I got that out of this article.

Roseanne was all about working, she loved her family but also loved getting away and this shows that the female is also apart of the working class. It is not just white males but females also work hard to feed there family and I think this is what the sitcom went for.

My DQ: I haven't been watching to much Tv lately and don't know many sitcom shows at the moment. But my question is should there be more sitcoms with a working class women? Because I feel if there were I could know of one or would have heard of one.

Apologies for the late post.

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