10/31 Blog Entry: Berlant, "The Face of American and The State of Emergency"

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Berlant's "The Face of America and The State of Emergency" was a very well written article. One of the subsections I found most interesting was the "Making Up Nations (2): "A Melding of Cultures." This section provides the audience with insight regarding immigrants to the United States and how it has "no privacy, no power to incorporate automatically the linguistic and cultural practices of normal national culture that make life easier for those who can pass as members of the core society." I thought it was very interesting to read how the immigrant is defined as someone who desires America. I don't necessarily agree with this point. Studying abroad this past spring semester, there were so many immigrants all over southern and western Europe. I took a class on immigrants while studying abroad and most immigrants were there to work. I believe this is the same when it comes to America. Most immigrants come here to work as well to maintain a living, possibly find schooling, and whatever job they can land. I believe there are the very few cases where women migrant from their husbands, but I believe those were certainly more common back in the day, not necessarily in today's world.

Overall, Berlant brought up very interesting points and provided a very well descriptive insight of the topic of immigrants and different reasons applying to the concept of immigrants. I agreed with some of Berlant's points, but also disagreed with some as well.

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