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"Racism" according to Stuart Hall is defined in media within the means of a certain ideology. He explains how this relates to the ideology of racism in media since the media is a source where race is "articulated, worked on, transformed, and elaborated." Hall then explains the recurrent portrayals of of these racist characters in media texts: the white man is usually always portrayed as noble and awesome whereas the minorities are usually portrayed as devoted to him/her or cunning and evil. I can see where Hall is coming from since even today we still see this common "idea" in many texts. Many Hollywood movies now may consist of a few minority sidekicks but the main hero/heroine is usually white.

Which reminds me of what my brother once said to me, "Hollywood would not make any money if the main character did not feature a white man." I guess this is because this ideology, as Hall mentioned, is embedded in our minds as true. Furthermore, "many" people can "relate" to this hero easily since it is understood that this ideology is "true" or "realistic." So, I guess what my brother meant was that racism is still very much alive in our so called "civilized" and "advanced" society. Perhaps we cannot escape this ideology?

Perhaps it is too hard to escape racism? It will always exist because there will always be people who believe they (or their "race") are better than everyone else. To be honest, even if we were somehow able to escape from the current racist ideology, wouldn't another one just replace it? Can we really ever be rid of racism and such racist ideologies?

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