10/8 Blog Entry & Discussion Question: Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance

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Bell Hooks' "Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance" article brings into context the idea of "the Other," or in other words a black person. While reading the article, I found myself comparing and contrasting to both pre and postmodern blackness within films. Between then and now, I feel as if not much has changed in movies when referring to or stereotyping a black man and/or woman.

One section that really caught my attention was when Bell Hooks' stated, "In its earliest stages, rap was 'a male thing.'" Hooks speaks about how the public story of black male lives was narrated by rap music, speaking directly to and against white racist domination. I believe that is true up to this day. You have rappers rapping about the government and being in jail. However, Hooks present a valid point when she states that whites look at the "Other" as a conquest, something very exotic. I think this point is true in today's world too (real and via films). One perfect example that came to mind while reading this section of the article was the movie "O," a 2001 American drama film, and a loose modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Othello." After making a the winning shot in a basketball game, Desi, the main character in the film who is a white, blonde woman, is immediately attracted to Odin (O) for his dark skin, and "Otherness" ways.

With that being said, my discussion questions are as follows: Do you think we should acknowledge the ways white women desire pleasure, such as "erotic longings" (Hooks 438) as racism within films, or is it simply just a natural preference? Should we be concerned that white woman portrayed as liking the exoticness of a dark skinned male is even racist at all? Why or why not? Why do you think these stereotypes continue to come up in films even in today's society? Lastly, is your opinion of the "Otherness" and racism in general derived form the media or from your own natural instinct?

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