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For tomorrow's reading, I took a lot of interest to the "Eating the Other" article by Bell Hooks. My eyes were definitely opened to many ideas of racism in America that I had never thought of before. There were also elements of Bell's description of the Other that I did not understand.

For example, on page 427, Hooks writes, "Most importantly, it establishes a contemporary narrative where the suffering imposed by structures of domination on those designated to make the Other over in ones image but to become the Other." I don't get this!

DQ: What do you guys think the above quote means? Why would a suppressor want to become the Other?

My next thoughts were around Hooks' discussion of the Yale white males he (she?) observed talking about sleeping with women of different races which, "represents a progressive change in white attitudes towards non-whites" (Hook 426).

DQ: I don't know if I agree with Hook's point that these men were sleeping with these women to "lessen" the gap between whites and non-whites (which Hook also explains is perpetuating racism). I feel like these guys were just being straight up racists by believing that sleeping with (and dominating) women of other races makes them more exotic and worldly, thus even more white supremist. What do you guys think? Agree or not?

My next comment is about Hooks' explanation of the film, "Heart Condition." Oh my goodness, this sounds like the worst, most racist film ever! I couldn't believe that this was a mainstream film! Hooks goes on to explain the old practice of "eating the Other" was when a white person would eat the heart of a primitive/native person to gain their spirit. As weird as it sounds, this reminds me a lot of how music has evolved in America completely out of African rhythms. I took a History of Rock and Roll class as a freshman, and almost all American music stems from Blues which stems directly from native African beats/musical ideas. To me, it's like white musicians "ate the heart" of African music to use it in their new music. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone else but me.

DQ: Can you guys think of any other way or example of whites using expertise/traditions of non-whites to create something? Even more, to create something that whites claim as their own?

That's all I've got for now! Looking forward to our class discussion!


Thank goodness I am not the only confused one!!! :-) I read that part and I was like "uhhh... well, I'll come back to that..." Haha.

Also, it's a "she" - Gloria Watkins :-)

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