Alicia Keys DQ (& Another Blog Post?)

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I read all of the articles, but I am most drawn to talk about Alicia Keys' video and the discussion Thea Lim poses about it.

When I was watching Keys' video, I definitely thought the way Lim did. I thought Keys had gotten it wrong and was completely backwards in her historical view of mixed-race relationships. I also knew about the Emmet Till case, so when I saw that Keys was showing black men and family members being angry about their daughter dating a white boy, I thought it was stupid and incorrect.

But then I remembered a scene from the movie Hairspray (we should watch that!!!) where a black woman told the white girl that she was especially angry that white women were taking "their men" because white people already take a lot from them in the first place. It is possible that this is how the black people in Keys' movie felt about this dating situation.

Also, I thought that maybe the black family and friends were trying to protect the girl from running into problems in the future or causing problems for their whole black community. This is also reflected when Lim touches on this possibility the Louisiana judge would not allow an interracial marriage for the sake of the well-being of their future children.

-Do you guys think that Alicia Keys was just not thinking about the races of the people getting angry in this video and their historical accuracy? Do you think maybe she experienced this with her own family and she wanted to show it here?

-Or do you think more along the lines of the possibilities I posed above that she chose these the races of these people not out of ignorance, but on purpose to show another side of history?

-And going along with that last question, do you think Keys is deliberately showing black people in an angry, racist view to bring to light a truth that only she could know is true? (Not saying I agree that it is, just wondering what you think.)

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