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I really admire that Ashley Judd stood up to the media for the horrific things that they have said about her, as many people in the spotlight don't, in such a classy, intelligent way. She gives us the background on her career in regards to things in which people in the media decide to post about her, and goes on to say how she steers clear of it and simply doesn't classify it as "any of her business", which I find interesting. But when it was finally brought to her attention by her friends and family that it was time for her to take a stand against the people who were writing these harsh/untrue things about her in the media, she decided to.

Ashley Judd is a beautiful, far from fat actress who was destroyed by tabloids making false accusations of cosmetic work that she had done, and their personal opinions (negative) about the way in which she looked. She re-hashes some of the comments that were posted about her stating how untrue they are and how she is disgusted by how interested the media is with tearing someone apart based off of their looks, women specifically.

This goes on to raise questions about if men only view women as objects and assess their value off of the quality of their looks, and how the media just needs to end this ridiculous conversation valuing people solely off of their looks rather than their talents, intelligence, etc.

DQ: Do you think that the pressure in which media is known to put on stars both musicians, actors/actresses, etc. makes people in America shy away from sharing their talents with the world due to their personal fear of being torn to shreds in the public eye?

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