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This article really hit home for me. I think most people can feel her pain with her feelings of betrayal. I think too, most people can understand the feeling of getting talked about and judged... even from close "friends." Along with the other readings this week, this article also plays into my recent study into The Bachelorette. I realized that most people who watch the show do so for entertainment, and to feel better about themselves. They enjoy watching other people fail and get put down. Which is exactly what the media did in the tabloids to Ashley Judd and many others. I see the problem as the fact that there HAS to be controversy. Without controversy, there is no climax. So my discussion questions would be, if the media was not always putting people down and what not, would they even exist? Would people still buy the magazines if they were stories that were all rainbows and butterflies? If they were they all consisted of happy stories, would the celebrities get upset because the media is portraying their life as "easy" which in reality it isn't? After spending over a week at my grandmothers house where there is no internet and still a house phone... it made me feel like I was completely out of touch with reality. The first thing I did when I got to the airport was purchase a celebrity gossip magazine. I feel like it is sad that for me to feel in touch with reality, I have to read magazines that don't even tell the truth.

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