Ashley Judd & Newsom's Arguments: Blog Post & DQ

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It's a tale is a old as time. For decades women, as well as men, have been put under a microscope and scrutinized for their appearance. Ashley Judd's article sheds a light on the ways in which the media criticizes her every move. The "puffy face" criticism the Judd received brought the most attention and proved the media strives to point out a fatal flaw in all of use, whether it can justified or not.

Constantly female celebrities are accused of gaining weight or looking pregnant when they're not (maybe they were wearing an unflattering dress that day). This critical mentality also effects women in our society who are being compared to the female celebrity. Women in the media are made to look; ethereal, untouchable, and unattainable. It's no wonder when women in our society try so hard to achieve the unattainable they find it impossible. There is no real person who can even come close to the unrealistic images the media portrays. And when women do succumb to desperate means of obtaining the unobtainable, i.e plastic surgery, they are shunned from society because they had work done, as if others had never thought about it themselves.This game of hypocriticalness is exhausting. The envy and spite behind the backhanded comments given by media media sources to the celebrity women, such as Ashley Judd, are sickening.

Basically, what it all boils down to this that women (& men too) have set these unrealistic standards for themselves, by influence from media images, and they will do anything necessary to try and obtain them. All of this criticism that we are exposed to comes with a price, that is self-worth. (DQ) Are we willing to risk our own self-worth to make others happy about the way we look?


Vogue September Issue 2012

Is this a sign of too much retouching?

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