Ashley Judd

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The article about Ashley Judd from The Daily Beast focuses on women's body image and how it is marketed. The author made it a point that women are constantly scrutinized and evaluated by not only the media but people everywhere. She goes on to say that other nonphysical characteristics are thrown by the wayside. I believe that the author makes some very interesting points in this article. The main focal point in this is the actress Ashley Judd. She had recently gotten the media's attention for being "puffy". In my opinion she looks completely fine. It was actually pretty shocking to me that people will make such a big deal out of a slight weight gain. The first thing I thought about when reading was peoples' ignorance. They don't know any of the factors that might have influenced this slight change. Media members just look for any small reason to write a story. This really isn't a subject I read into too much outside of class. I knew women who are regularly in the spotlight were judged but I didn't know it was to this extent. I also thought it was interesting that the author didn't read any articles about herself. She said that she didn't care about or want to know anyone else's opinions of her. In a world highly influenced by appearance, this was a rather refreshing notion.

Do you believe that media scrutiny is more prevalent today than it was in years past? If so, what factors do you think have contributed to this?

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