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This was another article that was a little difficult to really get the full understanding of what she was saying. I was a little confused in the beginning when she was talking about personal life and political being one in the same. I did agree however that there is a way the news and media portrays real life that is somewhat inaccurate. They show it in a way that there is an immediate political emergency and that all hell has broken loose. The media does not choose to show the parties in the good light, but rather it seems they would rather show them at their extremes. This is an inaccurate description and portrayal, just like when riots or things occur that could get violent, it is blamed on the people heading the operation rather than the police that will use the brute force. This could be causing a fall in political activism and even political roles. If I am correct in understand Berlant in this part of the article, then I think the way that is depicted needs to change.

Why is it so popular for the media to scrounge up the dirty details and broadcast all the bad things about a candidate instead of presenting accurate information? Is it because of America's love to be entertained?

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