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In Julie Bettie's essay "Class Dismissed? Roseanne and the Changing Face of Working-Class Iconography", Bettie touches on several different subjects in the working-class iconography including race, gender, family forms, and class formation. Bettie tells her readers that she thinks that "working-class representations are becoming less frequent...if we continue to utilize white- and male-centered concept(s) of class". Bettie goes on to express her concern that she is cautious as to "how this rethinking of class would manifest itself". In her final notes, Bettie claims that a cultural analysis is needed "that will not permit gender and race to conceptually replace or dismiss class, but that will study the historically shifting intersection of their political meanings and cultural performances". My question is, what are the consequences of shifting or misplacing classes? Is this something that we should be concerned about? Obviously Bettie thinks it is, but why? What are some of the benefits and negatives of not showing or having a misportrayed class in media?

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