Blog and Discussion Questions on "The Whites Of Their Eyes" 10/8

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In Stuart Hall's article, "The Whites Of Their Eyes", Hall talks about racial ideologies. Hall begins his article by defining ideology. Hall lists three criteria for ideologies. First, Hall states that "ideologies do not consist of isolated or separate concepts, but in the articulation of different elements into a distinctive set or chain of meanings". Hall then states his second criteria that "ideological statements are made by individuals: but ideologies are not the product of individual consciousness or intention. Rather we formulate our intentions within ideology". Hall's third and final criteria for ideology is that "ideologies 'work' by constructing for their subjects positions of identification and knowledge which allow them to 'utter' ideological truths as if they were authentic authors". After defining ideology for his readers, Hall goes on to talk about overt and inferential racism. Hall claims that overt racism is open, and occurs when a spokesperson is trying to elaborate an openly racist argument or view. Inferential racism, on the other hand, is much more naturalised, and is oftentimes considered to be a "set of unquestioned assumptions" about racist ideology. Hall then gives several examples of inferential racist ideologies in the media, whether it has been the Native slave girl, or the black, childlike slave. These racial ideologies, according to Hall, oftentimes have a "primitivism, savagery, guile and unreliability" just below the surface. Although racism isn't seen as explicitly within in the media as it has been in the past, Hall claims that these racist ideologies are generally right below the surface. These ideologies, and negative racist connotations, are still present, although they are not as explicitly stated.

The question is, do we agree with Hall? Are there still strong views of racism and racist ideology in the media? Do we agree with Hall that these explicit racist ideologies have faded over time, but there are still very strong implicit racist ideologies within the media? If we do agree, is this something that we should be concerned about? How are these implicit racist ideologies affecting us and our culture?

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