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As Bell Hooks writes about Eating the Others: Desire and Resistance, she brings into context many movie typed to show a desire for the "colored" life. If you think about this, even in our developed society today, it can sometimes be considered even more racist. If racism is ever portrayed in a movie, it is usually done very clearly. Hooks refers to a move, Without You I'm Nothing, where a white person envies a colored, but at the same time can joke about them too.
I actually looked into this movie and it was made in 1990, about 22 years ago when racism in movies were not so profound. The genre was a comedy/ musical. None of the descriptions I looked into mentioned the story of the envy of a colored female life. Hooks gives the description of some scenes and mentions that the black woman in the film isn't even identified, with no name, but just an image that the character constantly compares herself with. As films are trying to "resist" racism, they don't do it in the strongest, best way.
A movie I can recall is a cheer leading movie where the actor Hayden Panettiere is transferred into an (almost) all black dominant school and has a very rough time. This was released in 2006, so about 6 years ago and even then as they try to portray a flipped role, where white is the minority and slight racism towards the white instead of black, we can still only flip the roles and see the definition of racism being White towards Black. As I watched the movie I didn't think of racism towards Whites but simply replaced their faces.

DQ- I think that any racism movie (even if roles may be flipped, and it is majority on minority) people will never forget the reason of the racism definition. As movies are continued today, When will be ever be able to forget about the history and make a movie without the viewers being reminded of Racism towards the minority?

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