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After listening to Newsom's interview one thing stuck out at first. American teens consume 10 hours and 45 minutes of media a day. This seemed like an astronomic number at first and there was no way it could be true but after she gave examples it all made sense. I think it is really insane how much media teens consume and how much of this media shapes the way we think. The media especially affects teenage girls. Newsom also states in her interview that women comprise only 3% of the media while they represent 51% of the population. I can now see why there are feminist stances that want a change.

In respect to the other articles we have read this week I think that this interview falls right into place. All the articles point out all of the faults that our society currently has in regards to woman. Whether it is the pay grade difference or the number of women in media compared to men there is somewhat of problem occurring. Personally, I do not always agree with most of the feminist stances on certain topics but I do admit that there should be more women in the media. Also, I think it would be very helpful for the American teenage girls to see more "real" women in the media. Right now a vast majority of women in the media are all made out to be the perfect person, tall, skinny, curvy, and long blonde hair. In reality there are not to many people in the world who look like this. My question for the class is; What do you think will be the turning point in what Newsom calls "the war on women"? Will this happen in the near future or will it always be an issue?

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Zach -

Interesting points!


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