Blog and DQ for "Mixed Race Mess: Alicia Keys and unthinkable Interracial Dating"

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I thought that Thea Lim made some very strong points in her article. It was a very interesting take on mixed race dating and what it actually means. At first I was under the assumption that she agreed that mixed race dating can lead to less racism but then the article took a turn when she started stating her points. Personally, I believe that the best point that she made was how people should date based on what they see on the inside and outside of their partner. That is exactly how it should be.

One thing that came to my mind while reading this article is kind of scary. The question was; Why is interracial dating even a topic of speech anymore? In my life I try to not even bring up the color of peoples skin when I first meet them. It is 2012 and we have a black President, clearly racism is not nearly a big enough concern. In my opinion, the best (possibly only) way to get rid of racism overall is just to forget about it. Instead of judging someone initially because of their skin color focus on their personality then make your assessment. Whatever color of skin they have should not matter, what matters is how that person conducts themselves.

DQ: Do you think the issue of racism will ever go away? Or at the very least not be a prominent topic? If so, how and when?

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