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Right off the bat one thing that made this article very confusing. For example in the section that talks about Forest Gump she brings up various scenes throughout the movie. As she is doing this she is giving us her opinion on what the directors of the movie were trying to show the audience. A specific example of this is when she is talking about Jenny and how she was abused in the 1960s. Berlant claims this was meant to show the darker side of the 60s. Personally I have scene the movie and did not pick up on this at all. I believe that Berlant is merely trying to make the reader believe that she has a higher sense of reality and her opinion is the right opinion. IT IS A MOVIE NOT A DOCUMENTARY. As I kept reading the article Berlants main point started to become more clear to me. She disagrees with how the media portrays the minority to the American public.

Overall from what I interpreted from the article Berlant seems to want unrealistic things to become reality. I could not tell throughout the article if she was trying to claim the media was being racist or overcompensating to much and becoming racist. She bashes certain articles for being "xenophobic" or being written by a white, non-immigrant, male for being. While it seems to mean she is being just as ignorant herself by writing an opinion article talking down on different opinions.

My discussion question arises from the section about Forest Gump. I am sure multiple of you classmates have seen the iconic movie. With that said do you agree with the Berlant's views on the movie or do you think she was trying to make non-existent points?

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