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The article based off the television series Buffy the Vampire slayer defines feminism and gives a great example of the character Buffy in the show. The main character, Buffy is a very strong feminine girl as well as a strong slayer of vampires. she concludes the best representation on strong Femininity. As Levine describes how television should more represent the "new girl order" which is a strong feminine character, I can see how television is changing over time. We all did have a feminism issue in the media, but as media changed, there are many more shows where the main character is a strong female, in the mental or physical sense. As a more new show we can use the character Buffy to represent how more females should be portrayed and how much stronger we have become. When I think about the media representing strong femininity, I am very much reminded of Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), or Kate Beckinsale in Underworld or Van Helsing, Mulan in the movie in Mulan, or Sookie in True Blood. Although some of the acts are unrealistic (but same goes for strong male characters in movies as well), the strength that these female portray is very influential. Although we females in this real world may not be assassins.... but we can have other forms of strength. We can become 20th century feminists and show more of a side as to how we can be females yet strong at the same time.

DQ- I am personally a huge fan of female centered violent movies (ex Electra, Lara Croft, Underworld, Aeon Flux, Resident Evils, Kill Bill and more, but my brother bashed on my and said no females are like that in real life.. So i thought to myself are there real assassins in real life, (I'm pretty sure there are) and if so who thinks there are more males than females? As the media is portraying strong movies (such as Munich, having an all male cast assassin, with one female assassin to kill off the first of the main characters, shows a form of flip in the movie.. ) which leads us to the similar topic of how females are used in sexual ways of completing their tasks.. in this case was to kill someone.

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