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After reading the Ashley Judd article she spits in the media's face (not literally) but defend her femininity quite well. It has always bothered me that the media love to criticize women, even if it is unintentional. Honestly nothing has changed, let alone for the better, it actually has gotten worse, . This article I recall reading the beautiful Kate Winslet hating on being excessively photo-shopped for a GQ magazine cover. I personally looked a the image myself and thought she looked great to begin with ( You can look for yourself as well. I mean why does the media photoshop? Obviously to make things look better by lifting, coloring, erasing, cutting and so much more. For the beautiful Ashley Judd why do they only mention her puffy face now? She defends herself by stating the most obvious, such as her age coming into play. We humans obviously age with appearance as we age even if it is sad to say it is reality. The media compares her from the 1998 movie to her face today and we can only say that she will look different, everyone does. The society/ media just expects so much from females today, not only their face, but their entire body as well.

DQ- Why are men not bashed for their puffy faces, their wrinkles, their bellies, and such?, or at least if they are, it is so hidden and cared for much less. Why are women who gain 25 lb a bigger news story than a man gaining 25lb?

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