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I had to read over this article a few times in order to fully understand Hall's ideas. Although very dense, the article had some good ideas about how racist ideologies are present throughout the media. I found the distinction he made between overt racism and inferential racism to be especially interesting and relevant to media literacy. Being able to distinguish overt racism from inferential racism is important to being able to interpret a media text for what it is. For example, I watched a Tosh.0 skit recently that portrayed black people as being bad tippers at restaurants, an example of overt racism. A movie such as "Say The Right Thing" by Spike Lee, is an example of both overt and inferential racism, because it portrays black people in a common stereotypical way by having the setting in a semi-rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY in which they were looked at as subordinate to the white pizzeria owners and chinese store owners.
I also could relate to Hall's second "thing to be said about ideology," which he states as "ideological statements are made by individuals: but ideologies are not the product of individual consciousness or intention. Rather we formulate our intentions within ideology." I think it's very interesting that we formulate and interpret media unconsciously because it is so heavily ingrained into our subconscious.
In addition, I found Hall's third point about ideologies to be very thought-provoking in which he stated: "...ideologies "work" by constructing for their subjects (individual and collective) positions of identification and knowledge which allow them to "utter" ideological truths as if they were their authentic authors." I found this statement to relate very well with Hall's other article "Encoding/Decoding" in the sense that each person has a different level of interpretation of a media text depending on their circumstances and their identity. For example, a lower class individual is not going to interpret a text about a wealthy family the say way that an upper class individual is because their ideologies are different.

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