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Something I've noticed about all of these articles is that they all talk about who is portraying who wrongly. Nick is portraying Dora wrongly, Alicia Keys is portraying interracial couples wrongly, etc. I don't recall any of them saying anything along the lines of "do you remember this show? This show correctly displayed the life of an African-American." In actuality, is it possible to portray a minority correctly? The Cosby Show creates a rich black family and people complain that they're "too white". Create a show that represents a poor black family and you've got stereotypes. Almost the same thing goes for women. If a woman is represented to have power and independence, there has to be a counteracting force like a buffoon husband. But if a woman is represented to be a timid housewife, she is seen as a sexist representation. I don't know if there are ways to accurately portray any race or sex without including stereotypes. A while back most minorities weren't even included in television. Now that they are there are complaints that what is represented are stereotypes; no matter what angle they are presented from.

I've noticed that no matter how you represent a person in the media, someone is going to dig through it and interpret it how they want. I think the media should cater to their target market and if that's a diverse market then they should have diverse material. I think the biggest thing that sets stereotypes in media is presenting the fact that this person is different from another person because of their race. That is something the media should avoid when presenting races. There are times though, when a television show or a book has to portray a character a certain way to fit the stereotype to make the plot understandable.

My discussion question is this: Do you think that media should use stereotypes in television shows to make a point? Or do you think they should just drop racial profiling in the first place?

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