Blog Post/ Discussion Question: "The Face of America and the State of Emergency"

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Unfortunately I found myself occasionally getting lost/ confused while reading this article. However, the main arguments the author makes are interesting and necessary to consider. There were a few key sections that stood out as interesting and offered me a new way of looking at something. The first, and very simple, section was still in the introductory stage of the article. The author describes the "imaginary citizen" that was invented in 1993 by Time magazine. I had never heard of this "women" that was computer generated as representation of citizenship, but found it interesting to hear about. The second section that retained my attention and contemplation was during her analysis of the film, Forest Gump. Although it has been a while since I have seen that movie, I know I never gave recognition to the idea of Forest being dead while going through the motions of life. That from the early years of his life until the end he was obedient to whatever direction that was given to him.

I feel as though our society is on the edge of a black hole and all we do is circulate the same negative, angry, biased emotions while we are waiting to fall in. Once we fall in we will never be able to climb out, I don't think. As insightful and thought provoking this article was I sadly do not think it will help change anything substantial in our culture and I do not see it changing anytime soon.

Discussion Question:
Race, religion, gender, age, sexual identification and preferences, class, ethnicity... ect. are all heated social issues in America. What suggestions, if any, would you give to the next president on how to improve relations with these highly debated issues?

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