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In the article "Class Dismissed?" Bettie describes how the main stereotype of a working class culture as "white men in industrial occupations." Initially I too thought of a white man working in factory but than remembered a class I took last semester that made me think otherwise. This class was called Jewish Women in the United States. In this class, we discussed the many ways that immigrant women were involved in the garment industry and took a big role in organizing the labor movement. Besides in this class, I had never heard how many women worked in the factories and their involvement in the labor movement besides the triangle shirt waist factory fire.

After being remembering this class, I really appreciated how the author of the article brought up an example of a TV that involved a working women. Although this show portrayed a woman in the working class, the stereotype of her and her family being lower class or even poor was still there. This also was the case for Jewish women working in the factories in the 1900's but I could imagine deemed more true. Why is there still an associate with working class as a lower or poorer class after all this time?

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