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The Ashley Judd article was very thought-provoking and forward. I really enjoyed it and thought she made a lot of interesting points regarding the attitudes that media has about women and their role in society. She is initially confronting the media as a whole, but her message is definitely geared toward both women and men and challenges them to take action to stop the negative speculations and depictions of women in society. I thought she introduced her argument significantly well by giving us a summary of the issues she was going to cover and by giving us a background of her views on women in the media, saying that she makes a conscious decision not to read and to disregard things that are said about her and more specifically, her body by the media. However, she then went on to say that the recent speculation and multiple accusations (accusations even made by people she has done charity work with) about her "puffy appearance" this past March were worth confronting and shedding a light on.
The five different instances in which her "puffy face" was the subject of criticism in the media, made for an excellent opportunity for her to discuss how issues such as patriarchy, physical ohbjectification of women, misogynist conversations about women, and how women are equally to blame for the prominence of these issues. I thought Judd did a great job of ending her argument and confrontation in a thought-provoking way by using her thoughts to urge people to start a new conversation that asks WHY these issues are so common in the media world and what we can do about them as a whole.

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